Thanksgiving Leftovers


Holy balls I ate so much food yesterday.  Like SO MUCH FOOD.  I can’t wait to get my sorry ass to the gym and work it off, but I promised my nurse friend that I would wait until Monday to go back since I have been on my death bed for two weeks…..and by Monday I really meant tomorrow.  Semantics.

Naturally my mom packed me with a bunch of leftover deliciousness and who doesn’t love a good Thanksgiving leftover sandwich? That’s right: no one.  Of course I don’t have any bread in the house since being Paleo ain’t nobody got time for that – so I looked up a quick Paleo recipe and made some.  I mean who wouldn’t do that right?!  Whatever don’t judge me.  I decided to try this recipe from Elana’s Pantry because it looked pretty simple and I had the ingredients kicking around.  IT’S SO GOOD.  Like seriously good.  And it took practically no time at all to make; which is a huge bonus if you ask me.

So I am sitting here eating a Paleo turkey, sliced roasted potato, squash, and Sir Kensington’s Mayo sandwich right now.  You’re jealous.  It’s cool though – I still love you.


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