Paleo Not-A-Grain Bars

Paleo Not-A-Grain Bars

Click this picture for the recipe! šŸ™‚

Ok I will admit it: my batch of the not-a-grain bars definitely weren’t as pretty as Danielle’s from Against All Grain, but holy balls are they delicious!!! Even my non Paleo coworker liked them better than actual Nutri-Grain bars! And I am definitely going to make them again using a different kind of berry for the jam (I am thinking blackberry next NOM).Ā  I assume that berry substitutions in the recipe would work just fine, but don’t worry I will sacrifice myself for the good of science and test it out for you. I am just that nice.

Also, they perfectly fit into snack bags…..when does that ever happen?!Ā  So I packaged them up and put them in the fridge so I can easily grab one in the morning on the way out of the house.Ā  #WINNING.


Individually packaged in snack sized Ziplock bags and ready to go!


10 responses to “Paleo Not-A-Grain Bars

  1. I made this exact recipe this morning and the do taste really good. But they fall apart. Her recipe needs some work. I think next time I will press them in the pan and then crumble the rest on top. They are delicious though.

    • I found that once the dough got to room temperature that was when it was difficult to “handle”. Keeping it cooler definitely worked better – that being said the best way to make these (and I will do this in the future) is to just make two large squares with the dough. Put one square on the baking sheet, top with preserves, and then put the other square on top. You can cut them at this point or after baking once they are cool. I cut the dough then fumbled with making the same size slices and putting them on top…..etc. Sometimes I am not that bright. LOL

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