Paleo “Reese’s” Swirl Brownies

Click the picture for the recipe 🙂


Here’s something about Paleo baking that I will probably never fully get: how the hell can you make a baked good without any kind of flour (coconut / almond / etc)? Woah science. I went on a cooking spree on Monday since I spent the weekend doing things other than being responsible (being an adult is so overrated) and these brownies were part of the line up. I literally obsessed over the recipe all day at work on Friday so I kind of was obligated to make them…..I did it for you guys. No but really. These are AMAZEBALLS – I have to get some of them out of my house so I don’t eat them all because I totally will if given the chance. They aren’t overly sweet and have an awesome texture. The recipe came from the brilliant Vanessa of Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind. She totally gets me and my baked good addiction and we all know that dirty minds think alike – so check her out. DO IT. You’re welcome.


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