CrossFit: What Flavor Kool-Aid Are You?

Let’s be honest: one of a CrossFitters biggest pet peeves is when someone comes up and says “Oh you drank the Kool-Aid huh?”  First let me start by saying that Kool-Aid is not Paleo so NO I do not drink Kool-Aid.  Secondly why can’t it be something good like wine or tequila??  Anyway, this little saying has gotten me thinking – if I DID drink Kool-Aid, what would my favorite flavor say about me?!  Here it goes:

Tropical Punch:  These are the adventurous people in the box.  They like to be center stage and are usually the most popular of the bunch.  Expect to see a tropical punch Kool-Aid drinker to be doing 10 unbroken muscle-ups and heavy squats and reveling in the applause they receive.

Lemonade:  The lemonade Kool-Aid drinker likes to know the why behind the how.  Expect to see them rationalizing WHY a lift is done a certain way so they can figure out how to master it.  Also, expect them to be the ones that can know just how much weight you are lifting without seeming to have trouble adding the weight up (like the rest of us normal people).  Me: “Hmmm how much do I have on here….”  Lemonade (without skipping a beat): “125”.  Really?!  Ok Rain Man.

Cherry:  Oh cherry, your name says it all.  Cherry drinkers are the nicest ones at the box.  They are always there to lend an encouraging word or helping hand.  Ever wonder after a workout how your dumbbells magically disappeared?  Cherry put them away for you.  Sweet, kind, and caring everyone loves a cherry Kool-Aid drinker!

Grape:  Grape is the most mellow of the bunch – you can expect to see them drinking some Progenex and chilling out on a foam roller watching the WOD.  They have a laid back “whatever is cool bro” attitude and like to go with the flow.  Grape Kool-Aid drinkers also take everything in stride – bad WOD?  Never.  Tomorrow is another day!

Orange:  Orange Kool-Aid drinkers are the life of the party.  They like to live life out loud – expect them to be the ones making jokes or doing something goofy to cheer people up after a rough WOD.  These people are key to morale in any box.  Cheers to the orange Kool-Aid drinkers out there!


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