5 Ways To Get A CrossFit Girl To Date You

Ok I know that y’all really enjoyed my last post (10 Reasons You Should Be Dating A CrossFit Girl)  because you absolutely blew up my blog – seriously it went viral.  HOLY BALLS guys!  I don’t even know what to say here….I am honestly humbled by the sheer number of views I have gotten.  So, THANK YOU!

This is clearly a follow up to the original post and I got the idea because guys were coming up to me and saying “Yeah we GET that CrossFit girls are awesome, but how do we get one to date us?”  Alright well ask and you shall receive…..sometimes.  When you are lucky.  And I am feeling generous.

1.  Don’t ever try to break the ice with a snatch or clean and jerk joke.  And here’s why (I am just going to use the word “snatch” for example purposes here):  She is going to think you are serious when you ask her if she wants you to “check out her snatch”.  She will load up a bar, start to do snatches, and look for feedback and /or she is going to friend zone you (guys you know all about this friend zone and it’s not pretty).

See, here’s the thing about CrossFit girls, like I explained before, we are witty and have a good sense of humor; we giggle when the coach announces that we are going to do a snatch complex too.  To us, no guy in their right mind would break the ice with a snatch joke unless they are just trying to be friends.  If you are looking for more than a bro, don’t be that guy.

2.  Do not try to ask a CrossFit girl out right before a WOD.  The only thing she is going to be thinking about is how many dubs she can do unbroken or what weight she should do her power cleans at – because let’s face it these are the most important issues at hand.

3.  Flattery gets you everywhere.  But CrossFit girls don’t want to hear how pretty we are when we have just finished a WOD – we want to hear how awesome our kipping chest to bar pull-ups look or how we crushed the workout or how you wish you could do burpees as good as we can.

4.  If we just finished the WOD and didn’t do as well as we wanted, now is not the time to try and get us to go out with you by consoling us.  Back away slowly and try again another day…..unless you want to lose a limb.  I guess some people could be into that sort of thing or whatever, but it’s not recommended.

5.  Having a laid back, easy going attitude will score you huge points.  If you come on too strong a CrossFit girl is going to find this to be annoying, walk away, and go do some back squats (she would rather workout than have a beer with you anyway).

Realistically, your best bet here is to combine #3 and #5 for maximum results:  “Hey girl, that was so awesome how you crushed the WOD today – wanna grab a beer and watch Dan Bailey and Rich Froning throw down at Big Sky with me?”  SOLD.


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