10 Reasons You Should Be Dating A CrossFit Girl

You are probably sitting there going “Ugh.  Is she really going there??”  YUP I AM.  And let’s be honest, you are going to read it anyway so stop complaining.  I can also pretty much guarantee that at some point while reading this you are going to start nodding your head in agreement….I can’t wait for that part.  Ok so here we go:

1.  CrossFit girls are seriously fit.  Y’all complain that girls don’t spend enough time in the gym / harass you for spending too much time in the gym.  A CrossFit girl not only spends copious amounts of time working out, but also will only date a guy that does the same.  We can’t be running around with guys that don’t workout.  Obviously.

2.  Dedication.  If you are REALLY into CrossFit you know it takes true dedication to become the beast that you want to be in the gym.  This also usually means she puts dedication into all other parts of her life and maybe even into you…..if you are lucky.

3.  CrossFit girls are (for the most part) guys girls.  We can throw significant amount of weight around at the gym, be showered and out the door in 20 minutes, hang to drink a beer, and watch the game with your friends.  It’s that easy.

4.  Independence.  Realistically a CrossFit girl could care less whether she is single or not because she would rather be spending her extra time in the gym anyway.  That being said – she doesn’t NEED you in her life, but if you are lucky enough to be in her life it’s because she WANTS you there.  Just don’t try to cut into her gym time because that will definitely not fly.

5.  Competitive nature.  To do CrossFit you have to be competitive not only with other people, but with yourself.  This personality trait leads to all sorts of fun if you ask me…..who wants a girl that when you dare her to do something just sits there and flakes out?   BORING.

6.  CrossFit girls are more brazen.  We aren’t scared to try new things, we are comfortable with who we are, we like adventure and we know we are bad asses.  We will take you up on that bet and we don’t care about impressing other people.  We are who we are, take it or leave it.

7.  One word: Paleo.   Pretty much all CrossFit girls do Paleo to some degree – 100%,  80%, 75% – whatever that ratio may be rest assured that not only does she have a smoking hot body because she eats healthy and works out so much, but she also knows how to cook.  A girl that can cook = winning.

8.  Personality.  To do CrossFit you have to posses certain personality traits – it’s definitely not for the closed minded or weak spirited.  A CrossFit girl will keep you on your toes.  She has to be able to hang with the guys so she will more than likely be witty, sharp tongued, and love practical jokes.  This, in my mind, is the CrossFit girl’s best feature.  Girls that have no personalities are like talking to a piece of paper – you are better off buying a pet fish and talking to that.

9.  CrossFit girls wear tiny outfits to the gym and will show up to hangout scantily clad in gym clothes and think nothing of it.  She will walk in to watch the game after a good mobility session and when your friends all stare at her think she must clearly have something stuck in her teeth – her laid back, nonchalant, one of the guys attitude makes her oblivious to the fact that they are actually staring at her for any reason other than the fact that something is amiss.

10.  Ok I am going to go there on #10: it’s scientifically proven that fit people have better sex.  So if the first 9 reasons why you should be dating a CrossFit girl weren’t enough…..this should really drive it home for you.  Pun intended.


24 responses to “10 Reasons You Should Be Dating A CrossFit Girl

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  4. This is a well thought out, well written, information piece of paleo / cross train hype. It will certainly get the interest of those who see it…and not one ‘holly balls’, in the entire desertation (sp?).
    You Go Girl !

  5. Reblogged this on primally MiM and commented:
    I could easily have spent weeks more in the States, but with utmost willpower managed to tear myself away from Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, booty bootcampseshes and death by burpees and even such fantabulous inventions such as http://culturedcavemanpdx.com/ to come back home 5 days ago ( has it really been 5 days already?).
    This week therefor has been all about getting back in the rhythm of things and kicking my jetlags’ ass, but for the weekend I plan to catch up on all lovely news I have been missing out on in the wonderful world of primal, crossfit and scientific research.
    For a bit of happy Friday reading though, in other serious scientific news, I’m going to share Pam Rehal’s blog post.

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  7. You are a good cook. I mean you stirred the pot just right on this one. Great topic and post. Congrats, on the Huff!

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