My First Time Crashing The Swamp


So today was my first official time crashing the new CrossFit gym in town: The Swamp.  I mean they JUST opened so it’s not like I took THAT long to finally get over there…..ok fine I wanted to go the day they opened their doors let’s be honest.  However, I can safely say that I am already planning on my next visit!  As many of you know The Swamp was opened by some of my favorite people and awesome friends, but don’t worry (I know you are) I will still be going to Wicked as I am pretty settled in over there.

After getting the grand tour (OMG the bathrooms……they are glorious that’s all I can say) I took a look at the WOD:  Swamp Ass.  Really?  Really.  I literally sweat my balls off – no joke.  All tabada, all day.  8 rounds of 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off broken into stations: box jumps, rowing (for cals), kettle bell snatches (at 18lbs for women), and shoulder to overhead (at 45lbs for women).  Now just yesterday I did rowing and kettle bell snatches – seriously what are the chances of that?!?!  But the weights were light enough that it was not an issue and realistically rowing is good every day.  If you define good by wanting to curl up into a ball after you are done…..Now you might be thinking “pffffft that’s super light weight”, but that my friends was exactly the point.  The goal of this workout was to absolutely crush the reps which is great for cardio and endurance building.  Well played.  I actually felt pretty solid for this workout and I wasn’t completely cursing my life after so that’s always a plus for a Saturday morning!  I will try to keep this in mind tomorrow when I am sore and cursing at mobility class.

Bottom line: The Swamp is an awesome box with great people and great WOD programming.  And they have really nice t-shirts…..that’s the most important part though.  Let’s be honest who doesn’t love when a box has a good t-shirt?!  No one.


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