10 Ways To Know You Are A Tomboy

Alright let’s be honest, I am not the girliest of girls over here.  Stop pretending to be shocked – this isn’t a huge revelation or anything.  So to make it easier for those of you that are in denial I have compiled a list of 10 things that indicate that you are in fact a tomboy.  I cannot confirm or deny that I do any of these things myself.  Sometimes.  All the time.  On a regular basis…..whatever don’t judge me.

1.  You have a group of guy friends that call you bro.  And you’re pretty much just considered to be one of them.

2.  You painted your nails a week ago and the ends are chipping, but instead of taking the paint off: you just trim off the unpainted parts.  I mean you had to cut them anyway right?

3. You find a new hairstyle on Pinterest and after 15 minutes and many failed attempts – you just end up just pulling it back.  I mean let’s be honest, you have to go to the gym later so it’s inevitable.

4.  Someone mentions the movie The Notebook and you gag.  Or anything about Twilight or that piece of rubbish 50 Shades of Gray for that matter.

5.  You would rather run outside and play in the mud than getting a manicure and you always have bruises / scrapes that you have no idea how you got.

6.  You can’t be bothered to date because it would cut into your gym time with your bros.  I mean seriously, your bros won’t ever let you down like some guy will – they just convince you to lift more weight when you think you can’t.  There’s nothing like true bromance!

7.  You don’t care what you look like when you’re lifting dude – you just got a PR.

8.  You know more about sports than most guys do and when the game is on – interruptions are unacceptable.

9.  Jeans and a t-shirt is your go to outfit if you are wearing something other than gym clothes.

10.  Guys say / do things in front of you that they would NEVER consider if you were a normal girl.  And it’s totally acceptable.


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