Veteran’s Day

As you may know Veteran’s Day is very important to me (as it should be to everyone really), but it should be remembered everyday the sacrifices that are made – that WERE made – by brave men and women for this country.  I feel that often people forget or don’t appreciate just what it takes to fight for this country.  So I hope y’all took a few minutes today to reflect on what this day really means rather than just taking it for just another day.

Today at the gym we did the workout “Armistice” and of COURSE I had to show face and do it with a weight vest.  I mean a couple of the other guys were doing it so obviously I had to.  Duh.  Not just any weight vest though –  I wore my old Army LBV (load bearing vest) and put weight bricks into the ammo /grenade pouches totaling 23 pounds in all.  GENIUS.  Armistice is two AMRAPs with a 2 minute break in between: the first half is 9 minutes of 100m sprint, 11 squats, 11 sit-ups, 100m sprint, 22 squats, 22 sit-ups, 100m sprint, 33 squats, 11 sit-ups….etc.  You get the point.  I ended up doing a full 3 rounds + 100m sprint and 44 squats.  The second half is 9 minutes of 100m sprint, 11 push-ups, 11 box jumps…..follow the same format as the first half.  This time I only got through 2 full rounds + 100m sprint and 33 push-ups.  Now I didn’t wear the weight vest for the box jumps for a couple different reasons – it’s just horrendous for your knees  and let’s be honest this kid isn’t getting any younger over here.  Also, I did one to practice and one of the weight bricks went flying.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

All in all I feel like it was a good showing – we had a HUGE turnout at the gym for the workout and that was just awesome.  A few of us went out for brunch after and had non-Paleo pancakes.  Don’t judge me.  I feel you judging me.  Stop it.  Seriously, we totally deserved those pancakes.  Whatever.

Back to work tomorrow for a healthy dose of reality, but I get Friday off so thankfully it will be less painful knowing that I only have to be there 3 days this week.  Jealous?  Good you should be.


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