CrossFit Girl Problems

Alright I am going to gripe a little bit here……you will read it and like it.  So remember the other day when I posted the pictures of me nailing my 215lb deadlift?  Well SOME people decided that in one of the pictures I looked like a “boy”, “manly”, or a “dude”.  Let me start by saying two things: 1. If you know me, you should  know that I don’t care what other people think about me on a whole.  If you think I look manly, don’t look at me.  This is not my problem.  AND 2. I deadlifted more than twice my body weight.  Just let that sink in for a second.  MORE THAN TWICE MY BODY WEIGHT.  Can you do that?  More than likely not.  And furthermore, why the hell would I care what I looked like when I am crushing weights at the gym?!  I mean seriously it’s not an effing fashion show contrary to popular belief.  I go to the gym to get shit done, not to look “pretty”.  Now that all being said, if I only had I dunno let’s say 65lbs on the bar: I wouldn’t have looked like a man would I?  Right.  Because the fact I lifted a shit ton of weight is what makes me manly.  Well to all of you people who gave me flak for my pictures all I have to say is: GOOD.  I will be stronger and more bad ass than you and if I look like a man doing it: GOOD.

On a totally different note, Cricket and I always make this joke about single people eating dinner over the kitchen sink… many other people do this?  I mean we can’t be the only ones right?  RIGHT????  I mean it’s just more convenient to eat there and then wash the dishes.  You don’t even have to go anywhere after you’re done eating to wash them – I consider this a life win really.  Work smarter not harder right?! #singlefitgirlproblems

P.S. Check out Cricket’s new blog:


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