Beast Mode = ON

Soooooo…….yeah this happened.  BOOM!  I decided to do deadlifts and planks after the WOD last night (bench presses, sprints, and push-ups oh my!) and I totally PR’d my deadlift at 215lbs.  Simmer down guys I only weigh 105, so that’s pretty solid if you ask me – I  hate when guys are like “Oh when you get to 400lbs like I am then I will be impressed”.  Yeah OK because that is even possible.  Ass hats.  ANYWAY, JC was nice enough to get some progression pictures while I was attempting it….I mean owning it.  Obviously.  I definitely had a little more left in me, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk of hurting myself to go heavier and rolled out instead.  Either way BEAST MODE BITCHES!  Seriously why am I so excited about this?!  Whatever, progress is progress right?? 🙂

Also, I totally ate the rest of my homemade guacamole last night: over the kitchen sink, straight out of the container, with a spoon.  Keeping it classy……#singlefitgirlproblems.


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