Daylight Saving? Winter? WHY?!

Let me start by saying that I HATE winter.  Also I hate the fact that last week it was effing 70 out and this week when I go to work in the morning it’s 27…..WHY?!?!  And this daylight saving stuff?  TOTAL BS.  I would so much rather keep the extra daylight at the end of the day rather than have it be bright and sunny when I am on my way to work – it’s like a tease.  “Hey girl, it’s going to be nice and sunny and light out ALL DAY while you are at work, but the second you step foot out the door: PITCH BLACK”.  No, but really……

So last night at the gym for my après workout I decided that going for a nice brisk 800m run wearing a 30lb weight vest was a fantastic idea…..I mean it wasn’t THAT cold out jeez.  WRONG.  It was cold as balls outside and naturally I was wearing the smallest gym clothes I could find.  I mean if the front squats, thrusters, and strict pull-ups from the WOD weren’t enough torture – this really sealed the deal for me.  I looked over at JC and yelled “LET’S GO FOR A RUN!!!”  and he just glared at me with disdain (don’t worry he manned up and came with me in the end).  What an A HOLE I am.  Seriously.  I think the only saving grace was the fact that I was actually wearing a weight vest.  I know what you are thinking right now – I am crazy we know this – but it held a little bit of my body heat in while I was running.  Then I did some GHD sit-ups with a medicine ball to warm back up again…….makes sense right?  Right.

On another note I have a confession: I totally made guacamole last night and ate it directly out of the container with some turkey and sweet potatoes.  Single-fit-girl-problems.  Seriously….I mean it could be worse, at least it wasn’t a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or something crazy like that right??  Just agree with me it will make me feel better about myself.


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