Barbells For Boobs

So yesterday was pretty amazing – who knew that raising money to save boobs could be so fun?!  But seriously, it was an awesome event for an even more awesome cause.  It was a solid day of good friends, good music, and good non-Paleo food.  Don’t judge me.  I can feel you judging me – stop it.  I decided that a beer and a couple pieces of quesadilla were in order after a long day of WODing and fun.  Deal with it.  Obviously to make up for it I got up this morning and hit the WOD then did mobility class after (how can something that’s so good feel so effing awful?!?! Ugh).  Followed by breakfast with some of the crew where I may or may not have eaten a chocolate chip pancake……oops.  Anyway, enough of how I have been a Paleo fail this weekend – here’s some pictures from yesterday to take your mind off of it:


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