Tomorrow? Yeah I am ready….

Ok that’s a lie.  I just blatantly lied to you – I am an a hole, but you knew this.  I know you are all expecting me to say something motivational about my first CrossFit comp tomorrow……I got nothin.  I am scared shitless!  Yeah sure this is more of a fun event and we are raising money for breast cancer research and what not, but seriously you know how competitive I am.  I get all stupidly nervous for no reason and then if I don’t do as well as I was hoping I get SUPER annoyed with myself.  I can’t see this ending well.  At least I made Crack Bars and have some other good snacks packed for this whole debacle – JCab is my partner for the comp so she’s really looking forward to the snackage that’s going to occur (our heat time is at almost noon and we have to be there at 0900…..whyyyy?!?!).  Who’s your favorite Paleo friend JCab?  Oh that’s right THIS KID.

Alright I am going to try and get some sleep after I finish watching Diners, Drive-ins, and DIves (I mean seriously who DOESN’T love this show?!  No one) – here’s to hoping that I don’t have insomnia from my anxiety level.  No but really.  All I have to say about tomorrow is IT’S BEEN BROUGHTEN!


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