New Blog Site!

Alright people I am officially back……as opposed to unofficially back, that would just be a tease really.  You know you missed me – and I do too because y’all have been harassing the shit out of me to get my lazy ass back to blogging.  Seriously, I met someone for the first time today and she even sassed me to get back to blogging.  What?!?!   Bear with me for a couple weeks because I wanted to try out a new blog site that allowed me to do some more “customizing” and what not.  I like Google’s blogger and all, but it was getting too cookie cutter looking for me and that’s just flaccid.  Go big or go home bitches!

So to catch y’all up on my awesomeness this summer: I went to some insanely good concerts (hi Jason Aldean at Fenway? I love you), drank copious amounts of alcohol, got a killer tan, dead lifted 210 (wtf right?!), I lived / loved / lost / gained, but overall I was my kick ass self.  Duh.  I switched gyms back in May (as you probably know) and have been really happy with the results I achieved over the summer.  I’m actually doing my first official CrossFit competition on Saturday (Barbells for Boobs) to raise money for breast cancer research.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to die, but it’s cool at least I will die for a good cause right?!   Also, I am still killing Paleo.  Obviously.  I mean who didn’t see that coming?  That’s right no one.  I am totally bummed out that summer is over and I had to turn the heat on in my house already – what I wouldn’t give to be laying on the beach somewhere……sigh.  I will try to be optimistic about this: only 8 more months until I can again!  FML.

Oh yeah and the Red Sox won the mother effing World Series last night!!!!  Seriously I could have died I was so happy!  People went NUTS at the bar I was at.  Boston = WINNING!  Now if the Patriots and Bruins could just follow suit……


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